poniedziałek, 5 października 2015

New Showroom - New Prints

What we really love about our work, is that we can keep moving, stay open to new adventures and new projects, that we constantly getting involved in. We have just entered into a new cooperation with a brand new Showroom recently opened in Warsaw, Poland. Have a look at some of framed black & white prints and feel free to leave a comment. If you interested in having them on your walls, please come and visit us HERE

with love,
MM House Design

piątek, 4 września 2015

Back To School...and Work

...as the summer is coming to an end and we supposed to be doing holidays summaries, shouldn't we also refurbished a little bit our lives and bedrooms :)
The answer is yes!!! Have a look at our graphic prints form our lates collection and do not hesiatet to visit us on www.mmhd.eu

With Love,
MM House Design

poniedziałek, 27 lipca 2015


We love our new black&white LOVE print. It is offset printing and we add gold foil just to make your walls really posh. Tell us how do you like it? Is Love in the air now?

With love,
MM House Design

 love print framed wall decoration

 design, typography, font, wall decoration

 wall decoration, interior design, interiors, walldeco

poniedziałek, 15 czerwca 2015

Black&White MM House Design for BEZAR.com

Everyday inspirations from MM House Design, now available for customers all over the world...you already can get our prints in some of the concept stores across Europe, now you can also visit us on BEZAR.com
We just launched our fist POP-UP shop with Bezar.com, the design Market Place.
Join trough this LINK and get $10 towards your first order!

with Love,
MM House Design

Enjoy Your Life

czwartek, 14 maja 2015

New New New

We can't wait...new postcards on their way. Inspiring, funny, minimalistic, good design black & white postcards by MM House Design. If you are wondering how to put it, stop, we ae here to help you. See some examples of what is coming below

MM House Design

niedziela, 3 maja 2015

About Myself

Be Yourself, It is so much easier than trying to be someone else...don't you think this is such a true advice?! So why not to give it a try. We are surrounded by people, who only pretend they are living...but I am choosing to be myself, I am choosing happiness.

with love,
MM House Design

piątek, 17 kwietnia 2015

MM House Design in Pictures

We like good shot of our graphic prints, don't you?!
Below you may find some of best pictures of this week, we have selected among the photos we have received from our customers and lovers of our work.
Hope you will enjoy them just as we do!

Have a wonderful Friday!

With love,
MM House Design

poniedziałek, 13 kwietnia 2015

Pure Black&White Love

We are in love with black and white graphic prints since we first saw first artworks of Christopher Wool. It was just amazing experience!

We hope you will also appreciate our minimalistic style and enjoy our artworks.

With love,
MM House Design

poniedziałek, 16 marca 2015

Black is the new love

Why do we love black & white so much?! Because, black is such a happy color darling!
Hope you like our brand new limited, graphics prints...new prints are coming soon

with love,
MM House Design

poniedziałek, 12 stycznia 2015

Are you still looking for yourself?

It's brand new year and it's the best time to make some changes in your life if you need them. Why not to start from what surrounds you? If you need an extra dose of energy or something that will put you in a good mood every morning, you should get for yourself one of our new graphics prints.

With love,
MM House Design