wtorek, 26 stycznia 2016

Black or White or Black&White

Are your walls missing a piece of harmony are they "well organized"? Probably you have never been thinking about it, but let your brain and soul stay relaxed and have a look at our solutions to help you breathe easy
with love,
MM House Design

wtorek, 12 stycznia 2016

Black&White Prints

Get inspired and redesign your walls. We have selected for you some inspirational images of our graphic prints, simply enjoy your interiors

with love,
MM House Design
image found on sacramentostreet.com

image found on manglola.tumblr.com

image found on thisisglamorous.com

poniedziałek, 11 stycznia 2016

sobota, 9 stycznia 2016

Hello New Year 2016!!

We have not been posting recently but it is only because we were creating new stuff for you. Soon you will be able to see our efforts and we really hope that you will like it.
Meanwhile, all the best for You and Happy New Year!!!
Below quote for the whole upcoming year ;)

MM House Design