poniedziałek, 22 lutego 2016

Gold foil print LOVE

Hello there! Soon we will present you two new gold foil prints, meanwhile we would like to remember you what we have the best. We are in love with our Gold Foil Print LOVE, we are sure you are too. xoxo

MM House Design


LOVE Print

wtorek, 16 lutego 2016

I Need Money Not A Job

We are sure that most of you like their job and enjoy it, sometimes at least. But there are these days, when you feel just like it and can't do much about it.I need Money Not A Job...No comment needed, don't you think?! 

MM house Design

Dark Blue

A very dark blue ..that should be the PANTONE colour of the YEAR 2016
We love the walls color of this apartment,do you?

MM House Design

czwartek, 11 lutego 2016

All about MMHD

MM House Design inside out...today we are sharing with you with what we have the best. Below, you will find some photos of our prints and tote bags, that have been taken in one of our showrooms. We hope you will enjoy it!

MM House Design 

ALL PHOTOS: Rafał Stanowski

Inteior Design Ideas

Get inspired...we have prepared for you chic and stylish design inspirations. How do you like them? 

with love,
MM House Design 

poniedziałek, 8 lutego 2016

Interior Office Design

Would you like to make your work more effective? Than, you will need one of our inspiring sets of black and white postcards. Just have a look at our workplace...and working hard never been easier ;)

MM House Design

foto: Wojciech Duda

foto: Wojciech Duda

foto: Wojciech Duda

I Think I Think Too Much

Are You sometimes under impression that you think too much? Don't worry we all do ;) and that is why we have designed I Think, I Think Too Much Print

MM House Design

IMAGES: http://vers-24.pl/

środa, 3 lutego 2016

Urbanara Treehouse

A blast from the past...we would love to get back to this exclusive holiday apartment located on the border of a Berlin forest. It is so tempting to lay down, and relax, surrounded by the trees and nature. Sound tempting?

Read more at: http://www.urbanara.co.uk/journal/urbanara-styles-urban-treehouse/

MM House Design

wtorek, 2 lutego 2016

New balck&white project

We have recently been busy with a very new project. We have been asked to decorate a living room of one of our clients. We are really proud of the results and so is the owner of the wall. Have a look at the images.

with love,
MM House Design